Using Gmail for the Gnome Send To menu

Ever want to be able to right-click a file in Nautilus and send it to an email contact through Gmail? The “Send To” menu uses the system’s default email client to send files, and it’s kind of hard to set a web-based client as a system default. So how would you accomplish this?

By using the Gnome Gmail package.

Simply download the most recent package, and open it so your system’s package handler can install it.  Then, go to Applications -> Internet -> Gnome Gmail, and set it as your default application.

Now, when you right click an item and select Send To, you’ll fill out the recipient’s email address as normal.  Once you click next, the first run will ask you for your Gmail Credentials.  If you’re using Google Apps for your domain, be sure to click the “Configure” button and add your domain to the “Apps Domain” key.  The rest of the options available have a good, thorough explanation of what they do – I also opted to enable the “suppressnotification” option.

Once the configuration is complete, click the OK button, and a browser window will appear that takes you to your Gmail Drafts folder.  From there, select the the draft that was created by Gnome Gmail (the subject will be Sending {file}), modify whatever you would like in the message, and then send away!

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