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Force WordPress to perform a direct upgrade

After modifying my server configuration over the weekend, I realized that WordPress would no longer upgrade automatically, and was asking for FTP information to perform the upgrade. The only problem with this is that I do not have standard FTP access – it’s all SFTP. I verified the permission set, and the www-data group has… Read more »

Canonical redirect with Apache 2

Yesterday, I wrote on how to configure a canonical redirect in IIS 7.  Today, we’re going to look at how to do the same in Apache2. What is a canonical redirect?  Most sites are configured (or should be, at least) to serve content to requests for both www and non-www versions of the site (… Read more »

Configure WordPress to ping Feedburner automatically

By default, FeedBurner will check your RSS feeds every half hour.  Depending on the content of your site, however, you may want your RSS feed to be updated instantly.  FeedBurner allows you to visit a page to re-ping your feed and update, and you can use this feature to have your feed updated automatically. All… Read more »

Using Gmail for the Gnome Send To menu

Ever want to be able to right-click a file in Nautilus and send it to an email contact through Gmail? The “Send To” menu uses the system’s default email client to send files, and it’s kind of hard to set a web-based client as a system default. So how would you accomplish this? By using… Read more »

WordPress custom 404 not found

In a previous post I outlined how to redirect all 404 errors to your WordPress home page.  However, this can confuse Search Engines as they would think content sits at the page that doesn’t actually exist any more.  How can you eliminate the confusion, while expediting the remove of theses pages from search engines AND… Read more »