Best Buy refuses to honor ad price for HTC Flyer

Last night, Best Buy posted a HUGE sale on the HTC Flyer tablet (from $299 to $99).  I’ve been holding out on getting a tablet due to price points, but this is one I couldn’t skip on.  So I took a ride down to my local Best Buy when they opened at 10 AM, ready to buy one.

Except the sale was refused.

Apparently, the price point was an error from Corporate, and the stores were forbidden to sell it for that price (even though they rang up as $99.99 AT THE REGISTER.)

After discussing with the store manager, I went back to my office to file a complaint, and the website still showed the $99.99 price point, with no notice of the error (click on thumbnail for full image):


I’ve sent the following email to corporate and the local BBB:


To whom it may concern:

I went to my local Best Buy store this morning to purchase an HTC Flyer at the advertised price of $99.99.  At the register, the associate informed us that the advertised price was not valid, and refused to sell the device at the advertised price, stating that the price was erroneously entered into the system.

After returning from the store, I refreshed the online page for the Flyer, and it still shows the $99.99 price point with no notice of an error (screenshot attached).  This is unacceptable.  I hope that Best Buy would wish to honor their advertised pricing as required by law.

All I want is a decently priced tablet…  I’ll update this post as I get responses.

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