Posts By: Aaron Seibert

Review: Slicehost Virtual Private Servers

It was almost a year ago that I was in search for a VPS solution provider. I had been hosting a dedicated server of my own on a co-location rack with my employer. However, I was changing jobs, and wasn’t wanting to pay for dedicated server hosting. So I searched for a bit, and came… Read more »

Google application notifications in Ubuntu

I use pretty much all of Google’s applications, and want to get an easy way to be notified of new alerts…  And there’s a couple apps out there to get notifications through Ubuntu’s Messaging menu.  Awesome: First we need to add some repositories.  The first is for gvoice-notifier, the second is for cloudsn sudo add-apt-repository… Read more »

Setting up key-based authentication for SSH

So you’ve got yourself a nice fancy server running Linux, but you want to make sure access to your server is secure as possible.  What do you do?  Easy – configure your server to use key-based authentication. First off, you need to generate yourself a keypair.  Each computer that you will use to access your… Read more »