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Using Gmail for the Gnome Send To menu

Ever want to be able to right-click a file in Nautilus and send it to an email contact through Gmail? The “Send To” menu uses the system’s default email client to send files, and it’s kind of hard to set a web-based client as a system default. So how would you accomplish this? By using… Read more »

WordPress custom 404 not found

In a previous post I outlined how to redirect all 404 errors to your WordPress home page.  However, this can confuse Search Engines as they would think content sits at the page that doesn’t actually exist any more.  How can you eliminate the confusion, while expediting the remove of theses pages from search engines AND… Read more »

Use WordPress functions in a static site

Sometimes, you may want a landing page that’s entirely different from your WordPress site, perhaps for a business. But, you want to advertise your blog as well on your site, with more engaging content than a link that points a user to your blog. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could list your most recent… Read more »

Linux Chromium and personal identity certificates

I’ve recently switched to using Chromium as my default browser in Ubuntu.  I have a personal certificate provided by StartSSL that is actually required to log in to my StartSSL Control panel.  When I went to import my certificate to Chromium, I was redirected to this not so intuitive page: Awesome! Another manual procedure for Linux… Read more »