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Migrating to github

I've decided to migrate my scripts and projects over to github to allow me to work on them better from multiple machines and to share what I write, even if nobody else uses it. You can find my repos at

IPV6 made easy by cloudflare

A few weeks ago, I posted a review on Cloudflare.  Since then, they've outdone themselves yet again, by offering IPV6 resolution for all cloudflare-enabled sites. As I use Linode, I technically already had IPV6 available for my site.  However, due to the fact that Cloudflare uses a DNS based system to provide their (excellent) service,… Read more »

Seido Convert case for HTC Inspire 4g

When I purchased my HTC Inspire 4g, I bought the Otterbox Commuter case with it.  About a month later, I noticed the shell of the Otterbox had cracked – and I had no idea how. Earlier this week, Android Central ran a deal on the Seido Convert combo case.  All I can say is –… Read more »